Dan Griffith  Songwriter

Dan's Gear:

Acoustic Guitars: A custom Santa Cruz 12 fret  000 made of old growth Mahogany with a purple grape inlay.  D'Addario XS .012 - .056 Phoshper Bronze strings.  K&K Pickup.

A Santa Cruz 00-SKYE  with Elixir .012 - .056 Phoshper Bronze strings.  He has a Fishman Rare Earth Blend sould hole pickup for performance purposes.  

Ukelele: Dan plays a Kanile'a Tenor ukelele which was custom made for him by Kanile'a in Hawaii.  It's back & sides are Cocobolo with an Adirondack spruce top. The rosetta is Koa as is the headstock with Gilbert tuners.  It has a Kanile'a under saddle pickup.  Dan uses D'Addario EJ65T strings (same as Jake).  He also has a Kanile'a concert size uke which was purcased in Hawaii at Hilo Ukelele & Guitars

Reso-phonic:  For slide work, Dan plays a National 0-14 with John Pearse Weissenborn .015 - .056 strings Phosphor Bronze.  He has a Seymour Duncan STR-3 quarter pound tele style pickup installed for performance purposes. This instrument was purchased from Acoustic Vibe Music in Tempe Arizona.

12 String Guitar:  Dan plays a Taylor 562ce 12-fret twelve string with Elixir strings. This instrument was also purchased from Acoustic Vibe Music in Tempe Arizona.

Classical Guitar:  Classical work is done on his Hanika 58CC.  A beautify instrument made in a small shop in Germany.  Cocobolo with cedar top.  D'Addario ProArte Lightly Polished SPC Wound Xtra Hard Tension

Mandolin: It's a Keytuckey K-1000 with a K&K Pickup.  This instrument was purchased from The Mandolin Store in Glendale Arizona.

Bass:  Dan has a Fender Jaguar Bass with a Mark Bass amp.

Amp: Dan's go-to amp is a AER Compact 603.  He also uses a Bose L1 Compact and a Fender Deluxe Reverb

Picks: Dan seldom uses a pick, when he does it is from Red Bear Trading Co.

Capo: Always a G7th Heritage or G7th Performance 2

Other: Fender Strat, Fender 52 tele reissue, Ibenez AF-85, and a Taylor 910