Dan Griffith  Songwriter


The Constitution

Produced by Dan Griffith

Purple Grape Studios

Scottsdale, AZ

Written and perfromed

by Dan Griffith

Had a good friend, an old friend

Not that long ago

He became a, politician

Traded in his soul

He told me, change was needed

For it was written so long ago

He said It’s time we change the constitution,

I told him where to go

He said Dan, help me understand

Why the gun by the door

I said Mike, It’s my birthright

To protect what I’ve worked for

Like Washington,  and Hamilton  

I’d fight, I wouldn’t run

If you try to change the constitution,

then I loading up my gun.


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He said It’s the poor man, the working man

That’s who I fight for

With taxes, and legislation

for entitlements galore

We’ll take it, from the rich man

Till he ain’t rich no more

and it’s only fair I take my share,

and invest it offshore

Had a good friend, an old friend

We ain’t friends no more

He became a, politician

He’s not the man I knew before

It’s the money, it’s the power

Knocking at his door

If he tries to change the constitution,

were in for civil war