Dan Griffith  Songwriter

The fabric is torn, It's all coming a part.

Will we be reborn, or will we depart?

No one has seen see it or been here before.

No one knows how to lock the door.

What does the psychic have to say?

Will the dawn bring us a bright sunny day?

Our guns have no use, we can't drop a bomb.

We can't call a truce or negotiate calm.

We hide in our castle, drinking our wine.

Hoping for some kind of positive sign.

Hoping someone will find a cure.

Will we be the same, nothing for sure.

How will it be at the palace hotel?

Once the monster retreats to its cell.

Will the celebrations begin?

Will we sincerely atone for our sin?

Will the darkness finally fall?

Will the holy light, shine on us all?

The fabric is torn, it's all come apart.

Will we be reborn or will we depart?

We've won wars again and again.

We will defeat this pathogen.

Once sanity has been restored.

I'll take to my knees, and thank the Lord.

Produced by Dan Griffith

Recorded at Purple Grape Studios

Scottsdale, AZ

Written & Performed by Dan Griffith