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I Did This All Myself


Life on the Streets a deep dark hole

Thought I see some light when I won parole

Tonight I'll dine on scraps and wine

I lived better than this when I was doing time

I don't blame society

I did this all myself to me

Don't wonder how I fell so far

I had some drinks, I drove a car

A reckless night that shattered lives

A scream, a crash, I lost my wife

Now that you know just let me be

Cause I did this all myself to me

It’s more lonely than it’s cold

Sidewalks and alleys are no place to grow old

Nights are hungry, the days drag slow

Memories haunt, remorse grows

No way to get a second chance

Begging for change near the freeway ramp

I see myself in their window glass

It clear to me why most just pass

No, I don't blame society

I did this all myself to me

I did this all myself to me


Produced by Dave Smith at Nashville Sound Labs.

Vocal by Dave Smith

Written & Arranged by Dan Griffith