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12/1709  “Music For Film And Television” selects five of my songs for inclusion in their professional catalog. 
Read Press Release Herehttp://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=126034

12/14/09   Discovered “Cup o’ Joe for our Joe’s” and sent coffee to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

12/14/09  Joined the SoundCloud.  Posted songs for sharing.

12/13/09   Received a personal handwritten card for Sarah Palin thanking me for sending her a copy of my song  “Don’t Turn Your Back For A Minute” on CD.

12/01/09  Dan launches his facebook page. 


11/04/09  “Celtic Spring Dance” selected by TAXI to be forwarded to Production Music Library for possible placement with ABC, CBS, NBC, WB, Disney, Lifetime, or FOX.